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Office Web Apps Powershell Cmdlets

Import the module: Import-Module -Name OfficeWebApps Get-OfficeWebAppsFarm Returns details about the OfficeWebAppsFarm object that the current server is a member of. Get-OfficeWebAppsHost Returns the list of host domains that are on the Allow List for an Office Web Apps Server farm. Get-OfficeWebAppsMachine Returns details about the current server that is in an Office Web Apps Server farm. New-OfficeWebAppsFarm Creates a ...

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SharePoint Patching

Patching SharePoint patching constitute of three types, Service Packs, Cumulative updates and hotfixes. Patching is considered a B2B (build to build) upgrade. Service Packs Generally service packs are not a set schedule but they are around 18 to 24 months. They fix all the bugs that have identified since the last service pack or RTM. Sometimes service packs introduce new ...

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PowerShell Cmdlets to Upgrade Content Databases from SP 2010 to 2013

In this new article, I will summarize basic Powershell cmdelts we have available to upgrade SharePoint 2010 content databases to SharePoint 2013: Before going into detail, you can list available cmdlets by executing the following PowerShell sentence in the SharePoint 2013 Administration Console: Get-help *SPContentDatabase After executing this sentence, you will have a list with all the cmdlets available: From this list, the cmdlets we are ...

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Tools to Analyzing Perfmon logs

               Now that we talked about perfmon counters for SharePoint and project server in the last post, the other challenging task after collecting these counters was to analyze this data and make out some sense out of those huge log file.  There may be different ways analyze them by applying knowledge gained experience of such incidents, but not all the ...

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