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SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Process

How to we get the SharePoint 2010 upgraded to 2013? We do not have anymore inplace upgrade, so we need to bring the databases over to SharePoint 2013 Farm. So we need to have SharePoint 2013 farm built, services setup and server distribution before the upgrade. What are the high level upgrade Stages?   What service applications can be upgraded? ...

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Recover Sharepoint 2013 databases from suspect mode.

This Post courtesy to: Lydia BronzeOriginal Post from: Blogs.cloudshare.com I restarted my SharePoint server, opened Central Administration and encountered the following error:Server Error in ‘/’ ApplicationRuntime ErrorDescription: An application error occurred on the server.In order to troubleshoot this issue I had to check couple of thing: Make sure SQL Server services are up and running Make sure the IIS application pools ...

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