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Flush BLOB cache in SharePoint

To flush the BLOB cache from web application Open a SharePoint Management Shell or ISE Copy the following code and paste it into a text editor, such as Notepad [crayon-5b6dd1f4644b4687327271/] Replace <WebApplicationURL> with the URL of the Web application whose BLOB cache you want to clear. Save the file, and name it FlushBLOBCache.ps1.   To flush the BLOB cache from ALL web ...

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Distributed Cache errors in the ULS log

Summary We noticed a ton of Distributed Cache errors in the ULS log. There were actually 3,670 of the errors below within 30min; Issue Out of the box, AppFabric 1.1 contains a bug with garbage collection. AppFabric 1.1 is a prerequisite for SharePoint 2013 as it is the underlying technology used by the Distributed Cache service. Affects SharePoint Server 2013 ...

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Recover Sharepoint 2013 databases from suspect mode.

This Post courtesy to: Lydia BronzeOriginal Post from: Blogs.cloudshare.com I restarted my SharePoint server, opened Central Administration and encountered the following error:Server Error in ‘/’ ApplicationRuntime ErrorDescription: An application error occurred on the server.In order to troubleshoot this issue I had to check couple of thing: Make sure SQL Server services are up and running Make sure the IIS application pools ...

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