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Find All InfoPath Form Libraries and lists in SharePoint

As part of the cleanup activity one of the SharePoint analyst requested a report listing all the forms libraries and lists as well with document count and last modified date. Finding lists with forms enabled was different used SharePoint manager to search and query for the property which separates lists with and without forms but no luck. Then I found the following property from ...

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SharePoint infamous direct URL’s

Force Page Edit Mode in SharePoint: http://host/sitecollection/page.aspx?ToolPaneView=2&pagemode=edit Sign in as Different User:  http://host/sitecollection/_layouts/closeConnection.aspx?loginasanotheruser=true Important: This option uses an unsupported browser feature which is unreliable and causes other issues. Currently this option does not work in IE 10 and Safari. Web Part Maintenance Page:  HTTP://host/sitecollection/page.aspx ?contents=1 Show Page in Dialog View: HTTP://host/sitecollection/page.aspx?isdlg=1 Site Features: _layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx SiteCollection Features: _layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site (the query string ...

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SharePoint 2013 – Configure Access services On-Premise Installation

Hello Folks, I found the following documents and articles very helpful in setting up Access Services on SP 2013 On-Premise Installation Links: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/kaevans/archive/2013/07/14/access-services-2013-setup-for-an-on-premises-installation.aspx http://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=30445 Between, We need to configure “apps for SharePoint” for Access service to work. Below are the some helpful links: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fp161236(v=office.15) https://www.nothingbutsharepoint.com/sites/devwiki/articles/pages/configure-an-environment-for-apps-for-sharepoint-2013.aspx http://sharepoint-community.net/profiles/blogs/configure-an-environment-for-apps-for-sharepoint-sharepoint-2013 Hope this helps..:)

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Flush BLOB cache in SharePoint

To flush the BLOB cache from web application Open a SharePoint Management Shell or ISE Copy the following code and paste it into a text editor, such as Notepad [crayon-5b9bdee08bf37256043077/] Replace <WebApplicationURL> with the URL of the Web application whose BLOB cache you want to clear. Save the file, and name it FlushBLOBCache.ps1.   To flush the BLOB cache from ALL web ...

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