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SharePoint 2013 Search Center URL update in All Site Collections

When we plan to use a new search center in SharePoint 2013 for a web application, the question arises how to update the site collections with this new Search Center URL and PowerShell seemed the best option and while iterating through all the site collections to update Search Center URL. Make sure the search settings under subsites/webs “Use the same ...

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Optimizing SharePoint 2013 Server Performance – Development Server (single server)

There were couple of new services introduced with SharePoint 2013 and raised the hardware resource requirements. Let’s only talk about those process and steps to control the resource consumption when it comes to a single server SharePoint 2013 installation. ·         NodeRunner service ·         Distributed Cache Service ·         Count of Web Application NodeRunner service Use Set-SPEnterpriseSearchService -PerformanceLevel Reduced to reduce the CPU impact the search service ...

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