Change or rename the subsite URL

I can’t rename a URL of a site (using the Site Settings>Title,Description and Icon) I received an error “The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator”

None of the lists in the subsite exceeds the list view threshold item limits.  But when the same operation is attempted with farm admin account is succeeded as that account default is 20000 anyway. So it seems the total items in that site is adding up for this action and not allowing the rename of url.

Two options :

  • Find and increase the LVT.
  • Alternatively use ‘farm account’ to rename on site or use powershell to update (Get-SPWeb http://portal/subsite | Set-SPWeb -RelativeUrl newsubsitename)  in either case the underlying account uses List View Threshold for auditors and administrators which has higher limits of LVT so it could succeed.

Find All InfoPath Form Libraries and lists in SharePoint

As part of the cleanup activity one of the SharePoint analyst requested a report listing all the forms libraries and lists as well with document count and last modified date. Finding lists with forms enabled was different used SharePoint manager to search and query for the property which separates lists with and without forms but no luck.

Then I found the following property from one of the blog and married up the script with Rajack’s script to produce a script works for me.

The following report looks like:

In the below report which ever list does not have a form template implies its a list and all others are document libraries.



Delete duplicate fields in a sharepoint list based on internal name

I have a similar issue where a content and structure migration created duplicate fields and had to delete fields based on internal name

My code:


Script to find sharepoint group members across sites

The below is a script to look for a group and group members across sites in the SharePoint farm.

You can customize it for site collection and web apps along with export columns.